Regional Seismic Characterization of Shallow Subsoil of Northern Apulia (Southern Italy)

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Paolucci, E.; Cavuoto, G.; Cosentino, G.; Coltella, M.; Simionato, M.; Cavinato, G.P.; Trulli, I.; Albarello, D.

Regional Seismic Characterization of Shallow Subsoil of Northern Apulia (Southern Italy). Geosciences 2021 , 11 , 416.

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"A first-order seismic characterization of Northern Apulia (Southern Italy) has been provided by considering geological information and outcomes of a low-cost geophysical survey. In particular, 403 single-station ambient vibration measurements (HVSR techniques) distributed within the main settlements of the area have been considered to extract representative patterns deduced by Principal Component Analysis. The joint interpretation of these pieces of information allows the identification of three main domains (Gargano Promontory, Bradanic Through and Southern Apennines Fold and Thrust Belt), each characterized by specific seismic resonance phenomena. In particular, the Bradanic Through is homogeneously characterized by low frequency (<1 Hz) resonance effects associated with relatively deep (>100 m) seismic impedance, which is contrasting corresponding to the buried Apulian carbonate platform and/or sandy horizons located within the Plio-Pleistocene deposits. In the remaining ones, relatively high frequency (>1 Hz) resonance phenomena are ubiquitous due to the presence of shallower impedance contrasts (<100 m), which do not always correspond to the top of the geological bedrock. These general indications may be useful for a preliminary regional characterization of seismic response in the study area, which can be helpful for an effective planning of more detailed studies targeted to engineering purposes."

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