Journal of Maps | Hydrogeology of continental southern Italy (2018) 

idrogeologia acquiferi acque sotterranee campania molise basilicata puglia calabria

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De Vita Pantaleone, Allocca Vincenzo, Celico Fulvio, Fabbrocino Silvia, Mattia Cesaria, Monacelli Giuseppina, Musilli Ilaria, Piscopo Vincenzo, Scalise Anna Rosa, Summa Gianpietro, Tranfaglia Giuseppe & Celico Pietro (2018
Hydrogeology of continental southern Italy.
Journal of Maps, 14:2, 230-241, DOI: 10.1080/17445647.2018.1454352

Map I - southern Apennine - Gargan (PDF, 1:300,000 scale)
Map II - Murge - Salento - Jonian Arc (PDF, 1:300,000 scale)
Map III - Calabrian Peloritani Arc (PDF, 1:300,000 scale)

This paper summarizes the results of a study focused on the hydrogeological characterization and recognition of groundwater resources in continental southern Italy, developed under the European INTERREG IIC Programme. The study reconstructed up-to-date scientific knowledge regarding aquifers, groundwater circulation schemes and groundwater resources exploitation in the administrative regions of southern Italy included in the Objective I (Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia and Calabria). In this paper, the methodological approaches applied to synthesize and homogenize bibliographic data collected from the hydrogeological literature and to set a regional hydrogeological mapping are described. Results presented are three hydrogeological maps, 1:300,000 scale, showing hydrogeological units and groundwater flow schemes that are relevant in the regional hydrogeological context, and a brief description of principal types of aquifer and groundwater resources of continental southern Italy.

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