Geomorphological features of Favignana Island (SW Italy)

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Marta Pappalardo , Arianna Bevilacqua , Marco Luppichini & Monica Bini (2021):
Geomorphological features of Favignana Island (SW Italy),
Journal of Maps

We present a large scale (1:10,000) geomorphological map of Favignana Island, in which landforms were recognized and genetically categorized based on analysis of stereoscopic aerial photographs and freely available satellite images, complimented by a few validation tests performed in the field. The map was created following the guidelines of the Italian Geomorphological Working Group for landforms symbolic representation. This includes an immediate visual differentiationof the genetic character and the state of activity of landforms. Favignana, belonging to the Egadi Archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea (SW Italy), is a mid-sized (ca. 20 km2 ) mostly carbonatic island. The marine protected area surrounding the island represents the main attraction for tourists. Through this map, it was possible to highlight the richness and diversity, in terms of abundance and peculiarity of landforms, that characterizes the Island. This peculiarity makes of Favignana an excellent candidate for the exploitation of its geoheritage for touristic purposes.

Geomorphology, geoconservation, karst action, Egadi Islands

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